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October 10, 2013
“Programmed Sickle Cells Augment Delivery of Cytotoxics to Tumors"...Data Highlighted on Cover of
Journal of Controlled Release (impact factor:8) with Editorial by Editor Professor K. Kwon of Purdue University

Drug loaded SSRBCs.pdf
Drug loaded SSRBCs.pdf
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JCR Cover story - 2013 (2).pdf
JCR Cover story - 2013 (2).pdf
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Dr. Terman Talks About “Drug-Loaded Sickle Cells in Cancer Treatment” with Joan Hamburg on WOR Radio, New York

 January 9. 2013

"Sickle Cells Target Cytotoxics to Hypoxic Tumor Micorvessels and Potentiate a Tumoricidal Response" published in PLOS ONE (Impact factor:14)

Sickle Erythrocytes Target Cytotoxics to Hypoxic Tumor Microvessels and Potentiate a Tumoricidal Response
Terman et al., PLOS ONE.pdf
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CBS TV News: Dr.David  Terman discusses  Sickle Cells for Treatment for Drug Resistant Breast Cancer with

Dr. Max Gomez below

BBC Coverage 


NCI Cancer Center Coverage


Video Demonstration of a sickle cells in action against a highly drug resistant  breast tumor.  After injection of labelled sickle cells (SRBCs) the SSRBCs stick to tumor blood vessel walls where they cluster and block blood flow. In contrast, normal red blood cells (NRBCs) pass freely through the tumor blood vessels without sticking or blocking blood flow.

Sickle Cells Target  Drug Resistant Breast Cancer:

Krista Hoff discusses Terman et al.,  paper in  PLOS ONE 2013  showing sickle cells targeting and killing hypoxic niches within drug resistant 4T1 mammary carcinoma in mice.

About Jenomic Research Institute


Jenomic is a biotech company devoted to developing novel drugs and drug vehicles for treatment of cancer. These efforts are supported by a raft of peer- reviewed publications and worldwide patents/patent applications.


The research team is led by David S. Terman, MD, an emeritus member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation (academia's physician-scientist honor society), former Professor  of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology and Founding Director of Cancer Biology Program at Baylor College of Medicine. He is currently Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UAB in Birmingham. Dr. Terman is cited in Who's Who in America 2008-2013

As seen in the Monterey Herald

Cancer researcher David S. Terman stands among piles of research and patent paperwork in his home office in Pebble Beach on Friday. Terman runs the Jenomic Research Institute in Carmel. (DAVID ROYAL/The Herald)